With UK workers growing demands for employers to provide tangible benefits, it is no surprise the Employee Benefits market is booming.  We are lucky enough to work with some of the UK’s leading companies providing benefits strategies that have made a huge difference to UK-based organisations and their employees.

We work with healthcare, pensions, insurance and technology companies that are looking to provide their solutions to the right type of business.  


We’ve built a substantial database of HR, Wellness, Pension and Finance decision makers in large SME’s through to Enterprise organisations.  We  connect our clients with key stakeholders in a well-structured and targeted approach.

We can help you build a list of target companies to approach based on a number of variables such as size, industry sector and geography. 


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"It has been said that companies don’t buy anything, humans do… We need to understand who these people are and what makes them tick"

‘H2H’ or Human 2 Human is where we start.

If 80% of your business comes from a certain sector, business size, region – we’ll find out.  We’ll then look at the total available market for businesses who fit this criteria.

We’ll then go away and put some ‘meat on the bones’ in terms of the right job titles that we should be approaching, adding all their contact details and social media profiles.


This allows us to contact the right decision makers across the communication channels they like to use.

Our experienced sales team reach out to these decision makers to start conversations and learn about their challenges.  We organise face to face appointments at our client’s offices, or at the companies we’re contacting. 

‘Outbound Solutions have been critical to our direct sales channel over the last 18 months booking over 200 quality meetings. Our dedicated team at OSL are incredibly personable and do not take a pushy sales approach which was very important to our strategy. We have worked closely together to define a clear multi-channel approach using well considered bespoke email campaigns and following up smartly to drive meetings where we can add value to the organisations wellbeing strategy.  I would highly recommend OSL and they really do feel like part of our wider team.’

Jill Pritchard - Sales Director

Healthy Workplace

Our goal is quality face to face appointments with prospects after uncovering strong new business  opportunities.


Quality is the very backbone of everything we do - our approach is consultative and process driven which is effective in securing new business opportunities that stand a much higher chance of moving to the 2nd stage. 

We believe this is the only way to start a new business conversation to allow long-term relationships to flourish.