With so many different lead generation options on the market for financial planners it’s often hard to know what will prove to be a good return on investment. 

Our new business process connects Advisers with local SME business owners who are in need of financial advice, planning, and support.

Years of talking with business owners has enabled us to know ‘what makes them tick’ and what matters to them.  One of the surprising facts is that a large majority of business owners don’t have any professional financial advice other than their accountant.


We’ve developed an approach that engages business owners and allows them to understand how a financial planner can add real value to both their business and personal goals.

We discuss typical challenges around 

Business tax planning

Extracting profit from their business tax efficiently

Remuneration strategy for them and fellow shareholders

Business protection

Exit planning & strategy

Support with auto enrolment or other employee benefits


Cash flow forecasting

Pension & investment advice and reviewing

IHT planning

We not only understand a business owners financial challenges and goals but also pre-qualify them to make sure they have a suitable financial criteria before connecting them an Adviser.  


We own a database of SME business across the UK.  This data is constantly updated using our sales and research team as well as companies house to provide us with insight into their finances.  We populate this data with shareholder names and contact details whilst looking at years of trading and the number of employees to give us a better understanding of the business.

This allows us to build a database of every SME business in all the postcode areas of the UK, enabling us to target those businesses who are most likely to meet the qualifying criteria that a financial planner wants.


We engage with the right audience in a highly targeted way which generates quality face to face appointments which stand a much higher chance of converting to business.

74% of appointments we arrange move to the 2nd stage.