Our research team and specialist data partners will build a targeted list for your campaign.

This could consist of your own cleansed data, freshly researched data by our desk based research team, and acquisition of data from some of our data partners.

Our research team use online software tools, social media, company websites and google to research the right contacts. 


It’s a time consuming process but often the only way that a quality up to date list can be built.

It has been said that companies don’t buy anything, humans do… We need to understand who these people are and what makes them tick

‘H2H’ or Human 2 Human is where we start. If 80% of your business comes from a certain sector, business size, region – we’ll find out. We’ll then look at the total available market for businesses who fit this criteria.

We’ll then go away and put some ‘meat on the bones’ in terms of the right job titles that we should be approaching, adding all their contact details and social media profiles.


This allows us to contact the right decision makers across the communication channels they prefer to use.

Clients are often surprised at how much valuable data they have across the business.

Often the data you have just needs to be stitched together, which we can help with.

Data degrades very quickly, it’s usually 30% inaccurate after just 3 months so we need to replenish your data to make sure we’re maximising our time when reaching out to people.

We set about cleansing your data to fill in the gaps, adding new job roles when people have moved on or moved into a new role, adding contact details where we need to.