During the onboarding process we can create bespoke sales messages and decide on the correct contact strategy A combination of telephone, email, social media, and even direct mail. 

We pride ourselves on creating an approach which pushes the right buttons; there maybe multiple decision makers in each company who need to be approached differently, or you may have multiple products or services across different sectors which us to tailor our strategy appropriately. 


Our team will work you to help select the best content for email delivery.

We send emails directly from our CRM so that we can track email engagement metrics such as click through rates and unique opens.

This allows our sales team to immediately reach out to those prospects who have engaged with your content to secure a new business opportunity.

We can also provide you with a list of individuals who sign up to regular newsletters, creating a pool of people who are longer term prospects that might need more nurturing over time, before converting into live new business opportunities.

We can manage these groups of people for you or pass them to your marketing team in a more joined up approach.


Reaching out to your target market through different channels is an important way to ensure you’re capturing your audience’s attention in the way the like to communicate.

We can use your LinkedIn profile to message key decision makers who might be hard to reach through other channels.

Our in-house copywriter works with you to set up a series of message templates that are relevant for the various job titles of people we’re contacting

Our sales team can use your profile to message those individuals who might be key targets for you.


We can target key sectors where you may have fewer contacts that you would like, sending invitations to connect with you to build your audience.