CACI: (Marketing)

TARGETING: Tech decision makers in Financial Services, Retail, Auto, FMCG, B2B Brands


CACI is an Integrated Marketing firm who deliver integrated customer experiences by using data, segmentation, persona building and strategic marketing. They wanted to create more partnerships with household name brands, and they approached OSL to help. 


The onboarding process was in-depth, starting with a scoping session to understand the CACI services and products that we would be discussing with potential prospects.
During the on-boarding process we formed our sales proposition. We needed to ensure that we could hold knowledgeable conversations with complex messages that depended very much on the job title of the person we were speaking to.

We also attended several CACI events to strengthen and reinforce our knowledge. The process involved analysing complex criteria to form a profile of a typical client, including the job titles and departments that would be a good starting point for conversations, as well as ultimate decision makers.

To source our list we used our own fully GDPR safe desk-based research, using a raft of software tools, social media, our data partners and our existing contact database.
We worked with the internal marketing team at CACI to build email content carrying different messages that we would send at carefully planned intervals.
The emails targeted key job titles with content that would be relevant to them.

We then approached prospects by telephone, establishing their requirements and their need for CACI's services.

We had in-depth and well-informed conversations with prospects, backed up with a raft of great sales collateral to help nurture the opportunities we uncovered. We used a series of questions to properly qualify each lead so that CACI could be assured that every meeting we arranged was a genuine opportunity. This also gave CACI the chance to prepare the right content to pitch. ​

We've been working with CACI since 2016 and have been instrumental in many new business relationships across Financial Services, Charities, Retail, and Leisure & Tourism.


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We worked with Outbound Solutions over several campaigns. They got to grips with our sales messages and were able to strike up some great new business opportunities with a range of brands. I would recommend working with the OSL when looking for new business meetings with key stakeholders.

Kandyce Tester - Vice President