PSGS: (Employee Benefits + Financial Sector)

TARGETING: FTSE 250 and 350 companies


Our aim was to reach out to Pension, HR and Finance Directors in FTSE 250 and 350 companies, and start a relationship with the right decision maker in each company. Decision makers vary in each business, so our sales team needed to navigate their way around different departments to source the right person. 


We immediately undertook an extensive scoping session with their senior team to discover their new business goals and target market.

This led to the creation of a profiled list of target companies they wanted us to approach. From this session, we formed our sales messages and defined our approach and strategy for contacting decision makers.

We learned about PSGS's language – literally. By emulating the way they preferred to communicate with their clients and prospects, we effectively became an extension of their team.

Very quickly we built a pipeline of prospects with an immediate need of PSGS services – for these we set up face to face appointments for PSGS consultants. Prospects with longer-term requirements go into our nurturing funnel with the appropriate contact strategy. We keep in regular contact with these prospects building rapport over time and only organising a new business appointment when the time is right.

We engage prospects by asking tailored questions, properly qualifying any potential opportunities.

We use IP tracking software to help us track visitors to PSGS‘s website so that we can follow leads up immediately and convert into ‘live’ opportunities.

Our sales team also use PSGS CRM so that all our work is tracked in ‘real time’ and new business opportunities can be actioned with a joined up approach with their internal marketing team.

Our process has helped PSGS reach out to a bigger audience and successfully win new business from the new business appointment we arrange.


Of Decision Makers Contacted Convert to Appointment

A large number of their new business came from referrals, they found this wasn’t providing enough opportunities to support their intended growth...