WASP: (Other / Manufacturing)

TARGETING: Hospitals & Data Centres


WASP were recently under new ownership and looking to increase the sales of their unique fuel filtration systems. They have the expertise and knowledge of their market in abundance but wanted to increase their reach to more companies than their existing sales team could manage.. 


We initially studied the filtration systems and quickly understood the value they would add to any company who needs reliable back-up power to run their business.

We worked with the WASP team to set out target market sectors who we would approach, including large data houses and hospitals.

Our team created a well-crafted script and messaging to ensure the value of the service WASP offer

We built a bespoke prospect list through doing extensive research into key decision makers at the right sized data houses and hospitals.

We approached the prospects by email and telephone to start conversations with the key decision makers to generate new business for WASP.

WASP went on to use the bespoke prospect list that we had built for them and their marketing database.


Total appointments booked
Percentage of successful appointments


Since meeting with Amber and Simon in 2020, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Outbound Solutions and have been impressed by the opportunities their team have created for us both in the UK and internationally. OSL have been integral to our new business strategy and have done a fantastic job in working closely with us to ensure that their team are well trained on our products and service, that their appointments are of the best quality and that they are engaging with key decision makers. We had regular monthly meetings to review the campaign’s progress and felt well looked after throughout our campaign. I would highly recommend working with OSL!

Richard Massara - Technical Sales Manager