St. James Place: (Financial Sector)

TARGETING: Mail On Sunday Readers


SJP worked with the Mail On Sunday to produce a Financial Guide that was aimed at readers over the age of 60. The guide was full of useful tips about managing finances in later life. Any reader could request a guide by completing and returning a coupon in the paper, by phoning and requesting one, or completing a web form. When requesting the guide, the prospects left their contact information, allowing the potential to contact them to see if they would be interested in speaking to a Financial Adviser.. 


OSL were chosen as the agency to manage all the lead creation from the data as we have a long-standing working relationship with SJP and a strong understanding of the quality leads they require.

We set up an API in our CRM to manage the data flow between ourselves, the Mail on Sunday and back to SJP so their marketing team could track how the campaign was progressing in ‘real time’.

Those that requested the guide opted in for us to contact them, so our trained Business Development team reached out via phone. Our aim was to turn these leads into qualified new business opportunities and organise an appointment with an SJP adviser.

Advisers were national, so we set up diary sharing and allocated postcode areas to each adviser which allowed our team to personalise the appointment with the prospect giving the name of the adviser meeting them. This meant a much more seamless and better customer journey for the prospect.

Our sales team reached out to all prospects by telephone, offering the opportunity to meet with an SJP adviser over video (as there were still Covid restrictions at this time).

We contacted prospects during the day as well as evenings and some Saturdays to make sure everyone had a chance to meet an adviser.


Appointments booked in 8 weeks
Conversion rate

Because of our years of experience sourcing leads for financial advisers and knowledge of the sector, we were approached by St. James Place Wealth Management to work on a B2C campaign....